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Intrographic - infrastrucutre
Infographic: Infrastructure (source: CCC Traffic Monitoring Report 2019; Census 2011; GCP 2021; CPCA 2011)

In the First Conversation in 2020 you told us how important it was having the right services, facilities and transport opportunities available. Sustainable travel was referenced by respondents to almost every question, that homes and jobs should be located close to each other, and where there were opportunities to travel by walking, cycling and public transport. You also told us that access to broadband has become crucial in the way people live and work.

Aim for our infrastructure policies

Plan for transport, water, energy and digital networks; and health, education and cultural facilities; in the right places and built at the right times to serve our growing communities.

How has this influenced the shape of the plan? 

The relationship between homes, jobs, and sustainable transport opportunities has been a key influence to the development strategy proposed in the Strategy section of this consultation. In the theme, we propose policy approaches which would require developments to be located and design so that sustainable travel choices are available. They seek to meet our changing needs, such as supporting the consolidation of goods to support local deliveries, charging points for electric vehicles, and broadband infrastructure. Finally, we set out how infrastructure needs will be identified as the is drafted, and how contributions from developers will be sought.

How does this intersect with the other themes? 

by its very nature is a broad theme and impacts on many other themes within the plan. With regard to climate change, enabling sustainable transport choices, and providing infrastructure to help people meet their needs locally will assist in the journey towards net zero carbon. Providing the required infrastructure from development at the right time is crucial for the health and wellbeing of an area and, along with good design principles including supporting the right mix of supporting facilities and infrastructure, helps to ensure great places are created.

Topic paper 

Further information on the policy areas, including their national, regional and local context, and further information on the evidence that has informed the proposed policy direction, can be found in the topic paper which accompanies this theme:

  • : Topic paper 8:

Tell us what you think

Our consultation for this phase is now closed.

What policies are we proposing?

The following policy areas have been identified under this theme: