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Policy H/CH: Community-led housing

What will this policy do?

This policy will set out the criteria to be used when considering proposals for new community-led housing developments.

Proposed policy direction

Recognise that community-led housing developments will be brought forward within , and set out that any proposals for these uses will be considered against the policies applicable to residential developments. Rural exception sites for affordable housing (see H/ES above) and self and custom build homes (see H/CB) are examples of developments that can be brought forward as community-led housing developments.

Why is this policy needed?

Community-led housing is where local people and community groups work together to design and deliver new housing, and there are a range of delivery models. There are a number of community-led housing groups operating or seeking new homes in . Some Councils allow community-led housing proposals to be considered as exceptions to planning policy, and therefore the needs to be clear how any proposals for community-led housing in will be considered.

What consultation have we done on this issue?

Responses received to the First Conversation highlighted the need to create balanced and integrated communities by providing a mix of housing types, sizes, tenures, ownership and management that reflect the findings of the Councils evidence of housing needs of specific groups. This included support for co-housing and co-operative opportunities, as part of making housing more widely accessible.

What alternatives did we consider?

1. To include a specific criteria based policy for community- led housing - Not considered a reasonable alternative as community-led housing is a way of delivering housing developments, and therefore the considerations for these housing developments are no different to other residential developments.

2. To allow the development of community-led housing generally as an exception to policy - This is not the preferred approach as likely to hamper the delivery of rural exception sites for affordable housing.

Supporting evidence studies and topic papers

  • : Topic paper 7: Homes

Existing policies in adopted 2018 Local Plans


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