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Policy GP/PH: Protection of public houses

What will this policy do?

This policy will control development proposals involving the loss of public houses.

Proposed policy direction

Safeguard public houses, only allowing their loss to other uses where they are no longer needed within the community as a public house or other form of community facility, demonstrated by evidence of effective marketing and exploration of options to make it viable.

Support diversification of public house uses to help them remain viable, such as the use of part of a pub for another use that would support its viability while respecting the site’s prevailing character.

Why is this policy needed?

Public houses are an important part of ’s communities. They help to foster social interaction and local community life in both urban and rural areas. They are often the hub of a neighbourhood, street or village and can provide a focal point for cultural and recreation activities.

Pubs also have an important part to play in the economy, not just for the direct and indirect jobs they provide in the pub supplies, food and brewing industries, but in supporting the area’s main industries and quality of life by attracting and providing a meeting place for students, academics, scientists and entrepreneurs, and in attracting office workers, shoppers and tourists.

What consultation have we done on this issue?

Responses to the First Conversation consultation included support for new public houses to be provided in all new developments. This was received in response to our question about how we might achieve ‘good growth’ that promotes wellbeing and social inclusion.

What alternatives did we consider?

No policy – This is not the preferred approach. The adopted policies which protect public houses have reduced the loss of safeguarded public houses. If there was no future policy to safeguard these sites/uses, there is significant risk of additional losses.

Supporting evidence studies and topic papers

  • : Topic paper 5: Great Places

Existing policies in adopted 2018 Local Plans

South Cambridgeshire 2018

  • Policy E/20: Tourist Accommodation
  • Policy SC/3: Protection of Village Services and Facilities
  • Policy SC/4: Meeting Community Needs.

Cambridge 2018

  • Policy 76: Protection of public houses

Tell us what you think

Our consultation for this phase is now closed.