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Greater Cambridge Local Plan: Development Strategy Update (Regulation 18: Preferred Options 2022)


Welcome to the Greater Cambridge Local Plan: Development Strategy Update.

The Development Strategy Update was agreed by Cambridge City Council on 17 January 2023 and by South Cambridgeshire District Council on 6 February 2023.

 All associated documents are available in pdf format in the document library below. 

Development Strategy Update documents 

Documents relevant to the Development Strategy Update include: 

  1. New documents produced to support the Development Strategy Update, available in the document library below. 

  2. Previously published evidence documents supporting the Greater Cambridge Local Plan, available at Greater Cambridge Local Plan – First Proposals document library, November 2021 

  • Greater Cambridge Local Plan: First Proposals (Preferred Options 2021) 

  • Supporting documents: all shown 

  • Topic paper: Strategy topic paper, September 2021 

     Evidence base:  

  • all documents listed under Strategy 

  • Integrated Water Management Study - Outline Water Cycle Strategy (Stantec), August 2021  

  1. Responses to the First Proposals consultation, which can be viewed in full on the First Proposals website. We also asked for comments using an anonymous quick questionnaire, results are in the form of a spreadsheet, and drawn out some of the key results in our report on the consultation. Call for sites submissions can be found on the Call for Sites page.