Question 2. Please submit any sites for employment and housing you wish to suggest for allocation in the Local Plan. Provide as much information and supporting evidence as possible.

Form ID: 40255
Respondent: Carter Jonas
Agent: Carter Jonas

Land West of Chishill Road, Heydon, Cambridgeshire, SG8 8PN


Pasture and Agricultural


S/2013/88/O - Residential Development (0.6 hectare). Appeal Dismissed.


The proposed development is for residential development, which may include affordable dwellings with open space and landscaping. The site may also be suitable for self-build/ custom-build housing, either in part or full.

Market and affordable housing, Custom or self build housing

Public open space

The proposed development would provide additional market & affordable housing for Heydon. The proposed development would include landscaping, which would also provide ecological benefits. The proposed development would also support the local schools, public house and village hall.

The site could accommodate up to 31 units. However the quantum of development at the site will be informed by the outcome of detailed site assessments, including the impact on the neighbouring properties and landscape, and taking into account the character of the surrounding area.

Yes (Please give details)

There is an existing agricultural access situated in the North Eastern Corner of the site.


Yes (Please give details)

The site is located in a Flood Zone Area 1. There are no Tree Preservations Orders on the site. A number of neighbouring properties are Listed. The North Eastern corner of the site is located within the Conservation Area.

The proposed development will need to provide new utilities infrastructure, but there are services to the neighbouring buildings and so new connections will be possible.

Available now

The site is available for development currently.


It is believed that the site will attract interest from developers/housebuilders. A similar site in the village has attracted developers/housebuilders.