Question 2. Please submit any sites for employment and housing you wish to suggest for allocation in the Local Plan. Provide as much information and supporting evidence as possible.

Form ID: 40114
Respondent: Savills
Agent: Savills

Land north of Cambourne, CB23 4 and CB23 8


Site 40114 map

Predominantly agricultural




Our vision is for a new community to the north of Cambourne, that is linked to, and complements the existing town. The new community would also be linked to Cambridge via a Park and Ride / Metro station / transport hub in close proximity to the A428 junction. The new community would comprise a number of linked mixed use local centres providing social, leisure and cultural uses (potentially including a new music venue); retail and employment spaces; primary and secondary education provision; and significant accessible green space.

Market and affordable housing, Key worker housing, Older persons housing, Residential care home, Student accommodation, Custom or self build housing, Other forms of housing, Employment (B1) office, Employment (B1b) research and development

Schools and education, Public open space, Community facilities, Recreation and leisure, Healthcare, Retail, Other

Key benefits are the provision of housing and employment, appropriately located Park and Ride / Metro in the A428 corridor providing sustainable links to Cambridge; the potential for large gains in self-containment, reducing the need to travel to Cambridge; the provision of shared leisure, community, cultural and retail uses that would provide significant benefits to existing Cambourne residents.

About 10,000 homes, and potential for 40,000 sqm employment (to be confirmed)

Yes (Please give details)

See attached draft Development Framework, SK09. Existing access points would be augmented with new access onto the A428 junction, including provision for Park and Ride / Metro / transport hub, with Cambourne and Cambridge. This would provide significant mitigation of existing traffic in addition to reducing new traffic.


Yes (Please give details)

There are some parts of the site where development would be limited by environmental considerations. Desktop constraints and initial studies have informed the Development Framework attached and associated site capacity assessment. There are opportunities to enhance habitats associated with the Elsworth Wood SSSI and the RSPB Farm as part of the strategic open space.

To be confirmed separately - see attached WSP statement

Available now

The site is currently farmed, but could become available immediately, subject to planning consents and lead-in times.

Site is under option by a developer

Very attractive

None known






A development of this size will be able to provide significant contributions towards strategic infrastructure, including provision for Park and Ride / Metro / transport hub, and would also be able to attract significant government investment / loans.