Question 2. Please submit any sites for employment and housing you wish to suggest for allocation in the Local Plan. Provide as much information and supporting evidence as possible.

Form ID: 40058
Respondent: Lichfields

South of Fulbourne Road an north east of Babraham Road, known as Cambridge south east (35.96ha in Guys and St Thomas ownership and 122.8ha in Peterhouse ownership)


Site 40058 map



Cambridge Local Plan (October 2018) allocations GB1 and GB2 are located to the south east of the site either side of Wort's Causeway. Applications are emerging.


The landowners and land promoter (CEG) are keen to work with the Council's to establish exactly what form of development could come forward in this location. In the document 'South East Cambridge: Options for Sustainable Growth' which accompanies this submission, a number of options have been set out to show how the site could be brought forward. This includes the extension of Peterhouse Technology Park & ARM HQ (potentially delivered with some housing alongside), residential development extending beyond the initial phases of development in this location at GB1 and GB2 and a significant country park.

Market and affordable housing, Key worker housing, Older persons housing, Residential care home, Student accommodation, Custom or self build housing, Employment (B1) office, Employment (B1b) research and development, Employment (B1c) light industrial

Schools and education, Public open space, Community facilities, Recreation and leisure, Healthcare, Hotel, Retail

The site is strategically well located in relation to a number of local employment, leisure, education and transport destinations. It is also close to existing public transport hubs (Babraham Road Park and Ride and Addenbrooke's Hospital bus station) and this would be further enhanced by the implementation of a sustainable travel strategy for the site. Presently, 57% of residents in this part of Cambridge walk, cycle or take public transport to work, and the scheme would seek to maintain or better this as the site is in a highly sustainable location for development. The expansion of Peterhouse Technology Park provides a unique opportunity to increase employment options in this part of the city. It is clear that allocated employment areas in locations outside of the city have been less desirable, and the drive and demand for employment space in and on the edge of the city of Cambridge is strong. This provides an opportunity to address this issue. Residential development in this location would help meet market and affordable housing needs and provide accommodation for knowledge workers, allowing them to work and live in a compact city and support its competitive advantage as the UK's most successful local economy.

up to 1,500 residential units and 600,000 to 1.5 million sq. ft of employment floorspace.


There are no current vehicular access points form the highway. Limekin Road currently runs through the site (from north to south). Two access points could be created on Fulbourne Road. Pedestrian access could also be sought from Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits, Peterhouse Technology Park and Wort's Causeway. The addition of a strategic connection between the two development parcels could facilitate a link between Cherry Hinton and Babraham Road.

Yes (please give details)

The overall site has varying ground levels (of between 20m and 65m above sea level), but overall it comprises gently sloping land. The highest point within the land parcel is located at the south-eastern corner of the site adjacent to Wort's Causeway. Development would be restricted to relatively flat ground and would not encroach into sloping land leading into the foothills of the Gog Magog Hills.

Yes (Please give details)

The site lies within Flood Zone 1 (at low risk of flooding). There are no listed buildings within the site. A Grade II listed milestone is located on Worts' Causeway just south of the site (list entry number: 1331933), but this will not constrain any development opportunities within the land parcel. A small section of the site (including Limekiln Road and south of the east chalk pit) is within a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Additionally, the land south of Netherhall School (within the site) and the chalk pits (which are outside the site) are designated as Protected Open Space. The chalk pits are also Nature Reserves. A flood risk assessment will be submitted as part of the planning application as the site is over 1ha. A green space could be retained around SSSI which would link to the chalk pits. This will be beneficial in ecology/biodiversity terms, but also as an open space for residents to use.

Within the site there is a High Pressure Gas Main. This runs from the junction between Limekiln Road/Worts' Causeway north-east, and then runs north along the boundary of the site and the chalk pit, and then through the Peterhouse Technology Park (outside of the site). There are also three Water Main routes through the site (one running from the south-western part of the site to the reservoirs south of the east chalk pit. The two other water mains run from the reservoirs eastwards - one runs diagonally north of Westbourne Farm, and the other runs north and meets Peterhouse Technology Park. There is a row of electricity pylons located along the eastern boundary of the site where there is a line of trees bordering Westbourn Farm. Capacity for gas and water will need to be reinforced for a development in this site. A provision for mains sewerage, electricity supply and broadband internet will be made for any development on this site.

Next 5 years

For sites to be developable, the NPPF states that sites should be in a suitable location for development with a reasonable prospect that they will be available and can be viably developed at the point envisaged. The overall site is available now and it would be reasonable to estimate that development could start within the next 5 years. In Government guidance, land is considered available when there is confidence that there are no legal or ownership problems (e.g. multiple ownership's, ransom strips and tenancy issues). Both landowners have expressed an intention to develop the site, and there are no ransom strips. The land is also promoted by CEG. Therefore, the land is considered available.

Site is under option by a developer

Very attractive to the market. CEG are activly promoting the site on behalf of the landowners



Depending on the progress of the Local Plan and planning permission, the site could feasibly begin development within the next five years.

Dependent on the form of development agreed in collaboration with the Council

Dependent on the form of development agreed in collaboration with the Council